A Better Way.

We started this project for one simple reason: There are no low-cost high-speed video cameras that offer the video quality that professional photographers demand.

Since Mike first modified a low-cost strobe flash in 1975, he's been pursuing his passion for low-cost, high-speed photography. He's been frustrated by ridiculously expensive rentals (thousands of dollars per day) of medium quality, high-speed cameras that are bulky and complex to use. In 2011, we set out to solve these problems, and now we're ready to show it to the world. 


Project Background: 


Revision A: The original hardware proof of concept and a software development platform. Design began in December 2011, using complete chip and board level simulation (no rework wires!). Revision A powered up in March 2012 and took the first demo video in May 2012. A great start!

Revision B: We repackaged Revision A into a more compact design. Improvements included thermal, image quality, and manufacturability. Good but still not perfect.

Revision C: Production version. Changes made the camera smaller, lighter, easier to manufacture, and more elegant. The last image quality issues were solved. Revision C successfully passed FCC Class B emissions testing, allowing the camera to legally be offered for sale. Along the way, we wrote code. A lot of code.


edgertronic is crafted by: 

Mike Matter - Founder and CEO


System and Hardware Architecture, Digital Design, and Product Integration


Juan Pineda - Founder

Software Architecture







Our Address: 300 Santana Row, Suite 200, San Jose Ca. 95128




Hall Of Fame: 

  • Peter Alsted
  • Donny Black
  • John Sterling Brennan
  • Diego Garcia Cacho Lascurain
  • Jen Chow
  • Sorin C. Cismas
  • Mark Costa
  • Mazzle Costanzatron
  • David B. Curtis
  • Derek Dukes
  • Pete Eley & Hayden Croft
  • Len Feldman
  • filmandvinyl.com
  • Gialluko detto Gialluko
  • Jason P. Goldston
  • Marshall H.
  • Stefan R. Hornung
  • Pureum Kim
  • Kristjan Knigge
  • Ford Minton
  • Guilherme Mori
  • Sergey Muravskiy
  • Nelson Studios
  • Reed Nightingale
  • oneTesla
  • Hugh Reynolds
  • Maurice Ribble
  • Rio Vista Universal - James Ganiere CEO
  • Joseph Rubinstein
  • Daniel P. Schenk
  • Lincold Smith
  • Henry K So
  • Franz Barrientos Storkan
  • Strahlentherapie Schweinfurt
  • Nate Sullivan
  • Hank Wright - hankwright.com
  • Spencer Worley
  • Waynd Che Yip