What frame rates and resolutions are currently supported?

Many of you have been asking what the frame rates are at a given resolution. The edgertronic supports resolutions from 192x96 up to 1280x1024 in multiples of 16 horizontal and vertical. That's 4,130 possible resolutions.

Resolution @ Frames Per Second (FPS)

1280x1024 @ 494 FPS

1280x720 @ 701 FPS

866x672 @ 1000 FPS

640x480 @ 1849 FPS

1024x128 @ 4658 FPS

320x240 @ 5712 FPS

208x160 @ 9836 FPS

192x96 @ 17791 FPS

It's just not possible to list all of them, there are just too many combinations.

We still have a little performance tuning to do and might be able to raise these by a few percent.

Additionally, the hardware design supports over-clocking and we've been able to run some prototypes ~25% faster. Until we have a larger sample size we won't know how fast we can reliably push the sensors. We will make this option available to the user in a future software release.

"I want more resolution or speed and want to pay less"

Ahh … don't we all. We have higher performance cameras in the works, but for now we think this the optimum price/performance point for an introductory product.

Higher performance is always possible, but it always comes with a non-linear price. Cars are an example of this. To first order, a car's acceleration correlates best to horsepower. If you like fast cars, horsepower is the first specification you look at.

Now consider two examples: A Honda Civic has about 140HP and costs $18K. Thats $128/HP. A Ferrari 458 has 605HP and costs $233K. That's $385/HP. If you have to have the very fastest and can afford it, the Ferrari is great, but millions of drivers love their dependable and affordable Civics.

For high speed cameras, the sensor readout rate is like horsepower in cars. If you want high resolution and high frame rate, it's the first spec you look at.

Here's how we stack up: The edgertronic readout rate is 945MB/sec and costs $4895. That's ~$5/MB/sec. An 4K Phantom readout rate is 12GB/s readout rate and costs about 250,000. That's ~21/MB/sec. Just like cars, there's what we dream about owning, and what we can afford.

The edgertronic provides a high level of performance at a price many can afford.