• the first affordable high-speed video camera

    An honest camera at an honest price. No tricks, no gimmicks.
  • controlled through a web browser

  • or controlled via standard based network API

    HTTP / JSON with examples written in python
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range

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500 Frames/sec Female Anna’s Hummingbird
700 frames/sec Water Balloon vs Spiny Cactus
500 frames/sec Dropped Slinky

Edgertronic SC1 camera

Up to 18,000 fps & resolutions up to 1280 x 1024
Nikon F-mount and video codecs that work with your existing gear.
Crisp exposures without rolling shutter jello effect
You're in control from the comfort of your own laptop.
For the cost of renting an old school slow motion camera, own the edgertronic.
Please note
At this time we are only shipping cameras to US addresses. No exports.

Latest News

  • What’s included with your edgertronic +

    caseHere's what's included with your edgertronic high-speed camera:

    • Custom fitted hard case
    • Ethernet cable
    • AC power supply
    • 12V auto adapter
    • Nikon 50mm 1.8D lens
    • Wired remote trigger
    • trigger extension cable
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  • techcrunch, petapixel and tested love the edgertronic! +

     It's been a great week for edgertronic. Not only have we crossed the 50% mark for funding, but we've started to get some really great press about the camera.

    Here's a quick roundup of who's talking about edgertronic and a little spinet of what they are saying:

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  • camera: resolution, performance and trade offs. +

    What frame rates and resolutions are currently supported?

    Many of you have been asking what the frame rates are at a given resolution. The edgertronic supports resolutions from 192x96 up to 1280x1024 in multiples of 16 horizontal and vertical. That's 4,130 possible resolutions.

    Resolution @ Frames Per Second (FPS)

    1280x1024 @ 494 FPS

    1280x720 @ 701 FPS

    866x672 @ 1000 FPS

    640x480 @ 1849 FPS

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720P @ 700 FRAMES PER SECOND. FROM $5,495.00 Buy Now


  • Proprietary Global Shutter technology allows crisp exposures without rolling shutter jello effect
  • Exposures down to 1/200,000 seconds
  • Resolution settable from 192x96 to 1280x1024
  • ISO 100-1600 sensitivity (color), ISO 400-6400 (monochrome)
  • Frame rates up to 17,791 fps (resolution dependant) 
  • Stores captured videos in H.264 format on a removable SD card
  • Web-browser based control panel
  • Compact 111x108x79 mm form factor (roughly the size of a D-SLR) 
  • Field upgradeable software/firmware


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We can't wait to see what your imagination will capture

techcrunch v2
“This could be the best game in town.”
— Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
“A product for the professional market, but it’s well below the cost of the Phantom.”
— Norman Chan, Tested
“The quality truly is professional grade.”
— DL Cade, Peta Pixel

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