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Edgertronic™ high speed cameras are designed and manufactured by Sanstreak Corp in San Jose California USA. By using the resources of Silicon Valley, we are able to offer a high quality, American made product that not only costs less, but offers performance, image quality and innovative features that our competition can't match.

Exceptional engineering is the secret to our success. We are experts in optics, high speed electronics, embedded software, PD, ID and DFM. Combined, our team of engineers have designed and shipped hundreds of successful products, generating over $3.5 Billion in revenue. 

We are a lean company and we sell our products manufacturer direct. We've eliminated the distributors, commissions and three-martini lunches that drive costs up. Maybe this is why our competition is afraid to put prices online. With us, you can compare prices online and not need to call a pushy salesman.

When you buy an edgertronic, you get great hardware and software and none of the useless fluff. It's quality that researchers, scientists and professional photographers demand, at a price that fits your budget.


In 2012, Mike Matter (MIT SB EE '84) founded Sanstreak Corp to design and manufacture innovative and affordable high speed video cameras. Mike has been involved with high-speed photography since 1975 when he modified a consumer flash to take his first high speed photos. Since then, Mike designed numerous computers, graphics processors and other leading edge products. Founding Sanstreak allowed Mike to combine his passion for high-speed photography with a career of designing high-speed digital electronics.

In December 2013, Sanstreak shipped the first edgertronic SC1 cameras as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, Sanstreak has shipped nearly 700 SC1 cameras and prides itself on a 40% repeat buyer rate. The SC1 has become a favoite of educators, researchers, engineers, scientists and artists. Along the way, Sanstreak has offered, free of charge, software updates that significantly expand the camera's performance and features.

In July 2016, the edgertronic SC2 and SC2+ cameras were added to the product lineup and offer up to 6.3X higher performance.

The edgertronic is named in homage to Harold "Doc" Edgerton (MIT PhD EE 1931) who is best known for perfecting the electronic flash and high speed photography. Doc's work inspired Mike to attend MIT, and was a valued friend and mentor.

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Mike Matter - Founder and CEO

System and Hardware Architecture, Digital Design, and Product Integration

Sanstreak Corp. 300 Santana Row, Suite 200, San Jose Ca. 95128

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